Magnanni's Tradition of Shoemaking

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The pace of Almansa

La Mancha, Spain

La Mancha, Spain remains mostly untouched by the modern world. Time goes by a little slower, and appreciation for family is paramount. Trades are passed down from generation to generation. This arid but fertile region is famous for the food and wine produced here. Farmers and craftsmen meticulously refine every detail of their work; it's done the hard way, but the right way. Shoemaking is no exception. We are proud to uphold the longstanding family traditions started three generations ago. Many hands touch every pair that goes through our factory to ensure quality. This is how we grew up; this is what we know best. Great food, great wine, great shoes - this is home.

Old Photo of Shoe Making Process

The company began in 1954 with just five employees in a factory located in Almansa, Spain, on the ground floor of a house under the direction of Sebastian Blanco. The company would pass into the hands of Sebastian's only child, Pascual Blanco Martinez, who began studying under his father at the age of 14. Pascual soon became the head designer of Blangar at age 20. Under his influence, the company quickly took on a new, more luxurious, and elegant design.

Shoe Factory Overview
Shoe Factory Close Up

The Family

Generations Of Artisans

In 1989 Pascual's children, the third generation of the Blanco family, were ready to begin taking their places at the head of the family business. Miguel Blanco was the first of Pascual's six children to join the business. He was soon followed by his siblings, Sebastián, Pascual, Julio, Luis, and Rocio who all own and operate the business to this day. Today the Blanco family proudly oversees each step of the tradition.

Portrait of Pascual Sr
Portrait of Luis
Portrait of Pascual
Portrait of Sebastian
Portrait of Miguel
Portrait of Julio
Portrait of Rocio
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